IESCO operations, construction formation teams put on high alert


Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) on Monday put operation, construction and GSO formation teams on high alert due to the recent rains and flooding in the drains in its region.

On the instructions of IESCO Chief Dr. Amjad Khan the holidays of all concerned staff have also been canceled, told the IESCO spokesperson.

He said field formations were in constant touch with the district administration on the orders of the Chief Executive.

The electrical installations were being continuously monitored and the upcoming faults were being cleared timely.

However, the Spokesperson said, in the rain and heavy water in streets, the field staff were facing severe hardship.

He said the IESCO CEO and Operation Director Muhammad Aslam Khan were monitoring the power transmission directly from the central control room.

Keeping in view the precautionary and safety measures valuable Consumers were requested to keep proper distance from electric wires, transformers, electric poles and meter during rains.

In case of power broken HT or LT wire never go near to it, never touch power appliances with wet hands. In case of any complaint please report to the respective Complaint Office numbers, IESCO Helpline 118 or Chief Executive Complaint and Monitoring Cell numbers 051-9252933-34.


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