IEA marks World Television Day


On the occasion of World Television Day, MoIC said Monday that TV has played an important and fundamental role in reflecting facts and providing information, and this type of media is a bridge between the government and the nation and beyond.

“Television, as a useful tool, has played an essential role in [disseminating] information and is the new media system in the world, and it has been able to maintain and strengthen its position as one of the most popular types of media in the world,” the ministry said.

“At present, more than (317) domestic media and (14) foreign media are permanently engaged in operations, and now more than (700) foreign journalists from (200) different media outlets have entered Afghanistan to reflect the realities. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has laid a better foundation for them and ensured their security.”

The ministry further added that, unfortunately, the only problem that has plagued all media and caused their downfall is the economic problem, and the ministry has fulfilled its mission in this matter and will again try to solve this challenge.

“We celebrate this day by keeping in mind the values for the revival of the nation in reflecting the facts and spreading awareness. We renew our commitment to the support and free activity of the public media, especially the television media, and it must be said that there is no doubt that domestic and foreign media are currently active in Afghanistan and the access to information is favorable for everyone,” the ministry added.— Ariana News


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