ICT police give airy hopes to victims as armed robberies continue


Staff Reporter

As robbers continue to looting million of rupees from the residents, the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police are just giving false hopes to the victims having failed to track down any gang involved.
The incidents of armed robberies are on the rise in the capital city wherein the robber chased the people from different banks or airport, loot them and escape with impunity making mockery of the Safe City claims.
“The police just give airy hopes with no solid actions to recover my loss. It has been a month I was looted of Rs 800,000 in sector I-8. The identifiable image of one of the two criminals is also available but no arrest has yet been made,” said media senior reporter Ishtiaq Ahmed.
He said even the authorities could not yet complete the geo-fencing which the police authorities hoped could provide any traceable clues through any cellular activity by the criminals.
“If the criminals can impersonate the law enforcement officials and change their guises, why can’t the police think out of the box? They too can disguise as bank customer leaving random banks with apparent cash bag to arrest the criminals if they chased,” he said.
According to media reports, the robbers, impersonating the law enforcement personnel intercepted an expatriate family at Srinagar Highway a week ago, and during the search, they snatched 40,000 Canadian dollars, Rs 25,000 cash, 15 tolas of gold, mobile phones, wrist watches, CNICs, passports and air tickets and fled.
“The setting up of check posts, erection of barricades and patrolling is of no use when they can’t nab the escaping criminals. The bikers without number plates easily move before them. The police just stop loading vans or the visitors just to mint money,” said Hamid Abbasi, an I-9 resident.
Talking to media, a senior police officer said the ICT police were working on all investigation angles to hunt down the racket who chased the people from banks and looted them in various sectors.
He said a special team under ASP Rana Abdul Wahab has been formed to find out the clues and arrest the robbers with the collaboration of allied agencies.
Moreover, the ICT police had also extended the street watcher system and air patrol units to Saddar and Industrial Area zones to enhance public-police cooperation and curb the crime.

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