ICSP with collaborators launches IPC healthcare facility



Infection Control Society Pakistan (ICSP) with their collaborators Safe Covax Program, Bridge Consultants Foundation, Balochistan Research Foundation, PEBS Hospital and Shifa Medical Devices launched Infection Prevention & Control (IPC) Friendly Health Care facilities campaign as a New Year resolution for Safe Communities in Pakistan.

Prof. Dr. Rafiq Khanani (President ICSP), Qazi Sajid (President PEBS) and others signed pledge with their teams to make PEBS Hospital as Infection Safe Health Care Facility.

Dr. Qazi Wasiq, Syed Omer Ahmed and Naeem Khanani shared their thoughts for infection control and prevention. Prof. Doctor Rafiq Khanani made a presentation on Infection Control & Prevention for Health Care facilities , event was largely attended by medical community.

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