ICD committed to strengthened Islamic Finance during Covid- 19



AlHuda CIBE has launched a Webinar Series on Islamic Banking & Finance to learn with Islamic finance experts from around the world. The learning series is continuing with the different insightful topics in four major languages i.e. English, Arabic, French, and Russian.
During the webinar series by AlHuda CIBE, the global leader, Mr. Ayman Sejiny has an interactive session on “How ICD supports its Member Countries during COVID-19”. In his valuable session, he shared the insights and highly appreciates the stimulus packages that involve joint efforts between governments and central banks that cover the fiscal, monetary, and macro-financial fronts to various degrees.
He explained that The Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) continues to grapple with this pandemic and in the spirit of solidarity, it is imperative for us to join forces and address the multi-faceted impact of the crisis and focus on protecting populations in our member countries. COVID-19 is a game-changer for Digital Transformation.
The increasing need for higher technology capabilities to connect businesses, customers, and supply networks is fast-tracking the world into digitalization. He concluded the interactive session by emphasizing that the ICD member countries need to focus on this effort and unlock the potential of SMEs with innovative solutions.
The purpose of the webinars is to promote and strengthen organizations and professionals. Besides the promotion of this growing phenomenon, the aim of the webinar series is also to acknowledge the need of giving hype to the system beyond any political and religious refrains.
The initiative of the webinar series is also included to spread the awareness among general public and professionals of different industries including banking, Takaful, microfinance, etc. The participants of the webinars from different countries of the world are learning about Islamic finance. The demand for Islamic finance is increasing enormously and many new markets are seen to be emerging on the horizon in the world, there is a need to uplift the knowledge and understanding about this industry focusing on various aspects of the industry. Coutesy—Zawya

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