ICCI for 15 years export policy to boost economy



Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry has called upon the government to formulate a 15-year export policy to give a long-term direction to the national industry for enhancing exports.

While talking to Muhammad Naseer, Director General, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), during his visit to the chamber, Faad Waheed, Acting President ICCI said that TDAP’s trade officers should share market study reports with ICCI on a regular basis so that the business community can capitalize on the potential opportunities of trade and exports in foreign markets.

The Acting President said that many members of ICCI from various sectors including, pharmaceuticals, IT, light engineering, and food products including rice, fruits, and vegetables, meat, marble, cement, textiles, pipes and furniture are being exported to many countries. TDAP should include exporters in its foreign delegations so that they could explore new avenues for export promotion.

He said that ICCI and TDAP are working for the same goal to enhance Pakistan’s trade and exports, therefore, close liaison between the tow is important to achieve these goals more effectively.

Speaking at the occasion, Muhammad Naseer, DG, TDAP, Islamabad assured that he would try to address the issues highlighted by the members of ICCI to facilitate them in promoting trade and exports. The Director General said that Pakistan’s major focus for exports is on European Union and the USA, but recessionary trends in these markets are causing a fall in our exports. The business community should focus on non-traditional markets including Africa, Central Asia and ASEAN region that offer great prospects for exports.

Muhammad Naseer said that TDAP would cooperate with ICCI in exploring new markets for exports as we need to boost exports to improve the economy.

He said that the business community should pay attention to regional trade as Pakistan has good potential to improve trade with Iran, Afghanistan and other countries in the region.

He said that TDAP is planning to organize an expo for women entrepreneurs in March in Islamabad that would provide them a good opportunity of handling exports. He assured that TDAP Islamabad would organize awareness programs in ICCI for the facilitation of exporters and importers.—APP