ICC official ‘appreciates’ Rawalpindi police for PSL security


A representative of the International Cricket Council appreciated the security arrangements put in place by the Rawalpindi police to protect the cricketers participating in the Pakistan Super League matches being held at the cricket stadium in the garrison city.

ICC official David Snare also held a meeting with City Police Officer Syed Khalid Mahmood Hamdani and reviewed the security arrangements for the Pakistan Super League. Mr Snare “appreciated the excellent security arrangements” arranged by the Rawalpindi police to ensure security during the PSL matches.

A police spokesman said that CPO Hamdani met the ICC security official during the review of security duty for the PSL. “I am looking at the security ar-rangements for the international players,” the spokesman quoted the CPO and appreciated him and the Pindi police for “doing a great job”.

Meanwhile, the Rawalpindi police posted a video on Twitter featuring a conversation between the police officer and the ICC official. It said that the CPO was “doing a good job” in terms of PSL security. “Under the command of CPO Syed Khalid Hamdani @Rawalpindi Police is ensuring foolproof security to make the event safe & fun for everyone,” the official handle quoted the security official as saying.

CPO says ‘uninterrupted flow of traffic’ being ensured during matches

CPO Hamdani while talking to media persons said that measures all resources were being utilised to provide foolproof security to the players participating in the PSL.

More than 5,000 police personnel, including Elite Force and Dolphin Force, have been deployed to ensure security for the PSL matches. During his visit to the stadium, Mr Hamdani met the police officials individually and appreciated them for performing their duty with dedication.

He also checked the point-to-point duty and is-sued instructions to the police officials for the secu-rity of the event. “Implementation of Standard Op-erating Procedure (SOP) regarding security should be ensured in every case,” he said.—Agencies