IBCC discusses issues facing equivalence under Covid pandemic


The 167th meeting of the Equivalence Committee of the Inter-Board Committee of Chairmen was held under the chairmanship of Dr. Shaukat Hayat, Chairman IBCC on Friday.

The meeting discussed the 11-point agenda regarding equivalence and made suggestions on the issues facing equivalence in view of the COVID-19 and their permanent and sustainable solutions.

Decisions were taken in consultation with the committee members. In the meeting two new international qualifications approved and an International Educational Board is allowed to operate in Pakistan.

The Secretary IBCC said that due to the Corona pandemic, where Pakistani education boards taken only elective subjects, in the same way, international boards working in Pakistan will allow students to pass only elective subjects and proportional marks will be given to all the students as per rules.

In view of the COVID-19, it was also approved to issue equivalence to students who passed online subjects.

The IBCC Equivalence Committee meeting also reviewed the equivalence grading system of O&A level and other international education systems and decided that the students secured A* in the 2021 O&A level examinations should be given marks as of the Pakistani Boards of Education.


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