Hungary celebrates Revolution, Freedom Anniversaries


Ashraf Ansari

Ambassador Istvan Szabo and Mrs Emilia Szabo of Hungary in Islamabad, hosted a warm reception to mark their country ‘s anniversaries of 1956 Revolution and Freedom won in 1989 from the erstwhite Soviet Union.
A special feature of the reception was performance by Hungarian musicians group’ The Roby Lakators Foundation ‘. The guests greatly enjoyed the thrilling melodies. The guests included a large number of diplomats of foreign missions located in Islamabad. Among Pakistani guests were officals and prominent people from various walks of life. Federal minister Mr. Azam Khan Sawati was the chief guest. The Hungarian ambassador and the chief guest in their speeches stressed the need for promoting bilateral trade and expanding economic cooperation. They noted that their two countries enjoyed excellent bilateral relations. The minister called for withdrawing of Pakistan specific of travel advisory by the Hungarian government.
In 1956 there was popular resistance of Soviet military intervention in Hungary. Brave Hungarians sacrificed their lives to uphold sovereignty of their country. Hungary takes pride in the memory of that heroic resistance. The resistance marked a popular revolution reflective of Hungarians!! resolve to remain free from foreign clutches. The Hungarian people fully defeated foreign domination in 1989 when the Soveit Union collapsed. Hungary celebrated this year 30th anniversary of the 1989 event marking national freedom. Anniversaries of 1956 revolution and 1989 Freedom are celebrated together.
Hungary has been rapidly moving towards its goals of economic and social progress since its Freedom in 1989. The country plays a significant role as a member of the European Community.