Humanity is subjective and sovereignty is relative | By Prof Shazia A Cheema


Humanity is subjective and sovereignty is relative

WEST has a set of rhetoric infused with buzz words such as humanity, sovereignty, integrity, freedom of choice, etc.

This rhetoric is always confusing because of its jelly-like tendency, this rhetoric can shift, tilt even take the desired shape so using them by keeping dictionary meaning can lead someone to ambiguity.

Western infested lexicon has nothing to do with etymology.It is a new domain of self-serving need-based linguistics.

The issue of Russia and Ukraine has two sides too, for a skeptic observer any push to lean toward one side is against personal choice and personal freedom.

As I have told above western rhetoric has only one trajectory which gets fixed to show the world what is a figure and what must be considered a ground.Denying the basic human cognitive ability to process the reference and point of reference.

Western viewpoint says that in the current situation, Russia must be seen as barbaric, inhuman, having no integrity who is dismantling humanity by disrespecting the sovereignty and those who are reluctant to support Ukraine cause are inhuman, barbaric, ruthless individuals and do not possess even a shred of integrity.

Imagine living in these dominating societies and surviving on a day-to-day basis with a homogenously pre-dominant narrative.

The routing and channeling of influence are like an echo chamber, and to be part of that so-called self-proclaimed civilized echo chamber every sound turns back to the ears with the same rhythm, pitch and intensity.

Diplomats must not be influenced to the level that they start doubting themselves but let’s not forget the reality that diplomats are humans and can become the victim of echo-chamber.

I was shocked to see a public statement released by 22 western diplomats stationed in Islamabad who had presented their credentials to the President of Pakistan.

Submitting credentials is a symbolic gesture that diplomats would respect the domestic policies of the host country and would not indulge in domestic politics.

However, I have reasons to believe that some western diplomats are in contact with domestic media and even with politics and instigating that Pakistan must condemn Russia over the Ukraine war.

A very senior former diplomat Abdul Basit rightly said that these 22 western diplomats should go to the Foreign Service Academy of Pakistan and learn what diplomacy is?

I agree with his candid comments.No matter, hard-core diplomacy, back door diplomacy, public diplomacy, and cultural-economic diplomacy each domain requires integrity and sovereignty.

But I also have the firsthand experience of surviving under the filter bubble.The impact of an inorganically popular narrative is massive on the human brain.

Escape has only one meaning you are not with us which automatically means that all the loaded vocabulary engineered for our enemies will now suffix you.

And it is a long list including all anti-human adjectives.The heads of 22 diplomatic missions in Islamabad, including those of European Union member states, published a joint letter on March 1st urging Pakistan to support the western cause in the United Nations and condemn Russia.

If we read the list, we will find that all of these countries never reacted to the human rights situation in India-occupied Kashmir or never release any statement in favour of Palestinians being bombed in the Gaza Strip.

Some of them had been part of destroying Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan.

The joint reaction of the western world and its media in favour of Ukraine against the Russian bombing is strongly dividing an already divided world and thousands and thousands of social media users are asking questions why these countries always fail to see bombing on Muslim population and why they think that humanity buzz words can only be used for westerns interests.

I know such kind of thinking is harming Ukrainians but it is fact of the day that western support to Ukraine is alienating Ukrainian cause among the non-western and non-US allied world.

I personally believe that the Ukraine crisis should be seen without linking with what western countries and Ukraine did in Iraq and other Muslim countries because children are children and humans are humans and they must not be bombed.

I have no power to relate humanity with all humans and not just the chosen ones, I am helpless to advocate that war is a crime no matter in which part of the world and for what cause.

Killing somebody cannot be justified by self-motivated just cause.I do not want to see another former Yugoslavia in the middle of Eastern Europe that had uninterrupted bombing that lasted 78 days and involved 38,400 sorties, including 10,484 strike sorties.

Humanity must not bleed and the pain of a mother who lost her child must be felt irrespective of what religion, caste, creed and colour is of a crying mother.

Morality must sustain across borders, across lands, otherwise, it is mare cynicism.

—The writer is Prague-based Foreign Affairs expert.


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