Hujrah of Wazir Khan Mosque inaugurated


The historic 17th century ‘hujrah’ of Wazir Khan Mosque was inaugurated here on Sunday for business of local products after its renovation and conservation work.

Walled City of Lahore Authority (WCLA) Director General Kamran Lashari inaugurated the hujrah of Wazir Khan Mosque.

According to WCLA spokesperson, after tremendous efforts hujrah turned into a unique business hub having products of famous artisans and companies including Pen Asia, Hast o Neest, Khazineyi, Indus Heritage Trust (IHT) and Tahir Mahmood Designs.

Additionally Luna Heritage has set up one of its first on-site franchises in the initial range of products including handmade articrats, clothing and accessories, decorative antiques and museum replicas.

The aim of this endeavor was to preserve the historic sites of walled city and promote the local products in traditional manners.

In this regard, the opening ceremony of bazaar was held at Wazir Khan square in which many reputable personalities graced the event.

The WCLA Director General said that he wished to resurrect the old Lahore city in all its true grandeur to leave it as a prized piece of civilization for posterity. The site was going to be a business hub for the people of Lahore, he said.

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