Huge floral clock waiting for repairing from six years


The city’s decorated huge floral clock at the entry gate of Qasim Fort, waiting for attention of the authorities concerned for repairing from the last six years.

The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) had installed a huge decorated floral clock at the entry gate of Qasim Fort in collaboration with a private company for beautification and public attraction in 2014.

However, the clock had been stopped due to some technical faults after a few months of its installation. The Parks and Horticulture Authority (PHA) spent funds for repairing the clock but the fault still exists, while the important parts of the clocks have been stolen away by the thieves.

Visitors have expressed concerned over the fault of that huge clock and demanded of the authorities concerned to repair the clock or replace it. The installation of the huge floral clock not only increased the beauty of the historical city but also remained one of the best places for public attraction.

Talking to APP here on Sunday, the spokesman of PHA Jalaluddin said that the department had tried time and again to make the clock functional by repairing its faulty parts. He said that the main machinery of the huge clock had already been stolen away by thieves a few years back adding that the case had been registered with the concerned police station for recovery of the machinery but still there was no development on it.

He added that the PHA had decided to privatize the clock to a private company in 2018 and the tender was announced but the plan was postponed due to the transfer of the then Director General PHA Sahibzadi Waseema Omer.

He maintained that the plan was again in the pipeline to privatize the site to private companies in order to make the clock functional and there would be positive news soon in this regard.

The companies would be bound for repairing and maintenance of the clock and they would be given permission for setting up cut-outs at the site for advertisement, Jalal added.

Jalal further stated that different other ideas were also being discussed by the authorities concerned to replace the clock by constructing a monument at the site. Once the project was initiated, it would be completed at a rapid pace, he added. It is pertinent to mention here that the huge floral clock had been installed in the historical Qasim Fort in 2014 but it had been stopped from the last six year due to some technical faults a few months later after its installation.

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