Huawei Pakistan holds Microfilms Premiere

Staff Reporter

Huawei Pakistan held a Microfilm Premiere recently at local Hotel. The Microfilms followed the stories of three Pakistani’s who ventured out of their country, to make a better life for themselves, their loved ones, and their fam-ily.

Although these might just be films, this is the truth for millions of Pakistanis worldwide who have only a few ways to stay connected to their loved ones, and Huawei Pakistan has vowed to stand behind these people.

The Premiere was attended by the Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan, Mr. Fawad Chaudhary, Federal Secretary for IT and Telecommunications, Dr. Sohail Rajput, Ambassador of People’s Repub-lic of China to Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Nong Rong, Deputy CEO Huawei Pakistan, Mr. Ahmed Bilal Masud and Mr. Wuhan, along with other distinguished guests.

Each of the microfilms depicted the life of different individuals; a construction worker working in the UAE to help send monetary support for his ailing mother.

A salon girl, the eldest sibling in the house, breaking stereotypes to lend her father a helping hand to financially support their family, and a taxi driver, who dreamed of becoming the first engineer in his family but sacrificed that dream to make sure that he could give his son that future instead.

Federal Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Pakistan, Mr. Fawad Chaudhary stated at the event, “I would like to thank Huawei for making these emotionally evoking films that show the truth for many Pakistanis.

With their help, we’ve accomplished a lot in the past in the realms of ICT and we are counting on Huawei’s continued support in different collaborations in the future.

The way things are going, and with Huawei’s unwavering support, we are sure that Pakistan will fulfill its goal of becoming ‘Digital Pakistan’ quite soon.

Federal Secretary for IT and Telecommunications, Dr Sohail Rajput resonated the same sentiment, saying, “On the front of Digital Transformation, Huawei is helping the Government of Pakistan in helping 1000 government offi-cers in the field of digital technologies.

We hope that in the future we can enhance this scope and engage in more partnerships in further training our youth as well.”

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