Huawei holds 5G Talent ecological development workshop


Staff Reporter


Huawei Technologies Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. and HEC jointly organized its first workshop on 5G Talent Ecological Development 2019 at HEC headquarters in Islamabad. It was part of Huawei and HEC long-term promising friendship.
The session was opened by key addresses from Huawei. Huawei highlighted the ever-growing need of keeping up with technological advancement pace to compete with the global market. The expert Niaz Ali Shahrukh said “Pakistan has a lot of potential and we need to develop a sustainable Ecosystem to support the industrial needs in the field of ICT”.
An expert in wireless technology, Binghui Zhu was invited from Huawei headquarters in Shenzhen to conduct the workshop. During his presentation he highlighted the importance of 5g wireless network technology, 5G evolution, industry progress, network transformation and industry application.
The second half of the day addressed aspects related to the 5G architecture and enabling technologies. Results from a number of interesting areas were presented, further development of trends and application, protocol standardization and progress global commercial deployment plan, global 5g insight and strategy were also shared with the participants. Lastly 5g model discussion, business model development, applications and cases, network technology and evolution was discussed to educate the researchers and influencers group.
A large number of 5G trials are currently being organized and implemented around the globe. In the current phase of 5G evolution, where the design phase has been successfully completed and the first set of standards has been released, the focus is now on trials.
The objective of the workshop was to educate the concerned people about the high rising need of 5G to compete with the world. This was to identify and collect feedback from some of the ongoing 5G trials activities, and to discuss potential of market opportunities for 5G.