Huawei, HEC join hands to explore STEM talent of Pakistani youth


Zubair Qureshi


Through the medium of a remote virtual event, Huawei Pakistan, working together with the Higher Education Commission, took part in the official closing ceremony for the Seeds for the Future programme, 2020.
The event was attended by the Pakistan ambassador to China Moin-ul-Haque, Executive Director HEC Dr. Fateh Marri, Deputy CEO Huawei Pakistan Ma Libing and 32 students who participated in the programme.
This is the 6th year seeds for the future is happening in Pakistan, unlike previous years, when a whole batch of nominated students could travel to China for the study trip.
This is the first time that the programme was moved online due to Covid-19 restrictions.
Out of a pool of 1173 applicants, 32 engineering students from 27 universities all across Pakistan were nominated by the Higher Education Commission. The aim of the programme, which has been active in over 126 countries & regions since its inception in Thailand, has been to nurture upcoming STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) talent from around the world.
As a global ICT market leader, Huawei has taken upon itself promotion of local ICT industries as part of development in their operational regions.
During the one-week online learning programme from 21st to 25th, Sep 2020, students from Kenya alongside students from Pakistan received technical training from Huawei and industry ICT experts, who shared their expertise on courses covering a wide range of topics like the Chinese language, strategic leadership, 5G, cloud computing, AI etc. Students were required to finish a number of compulsory courses and get a minimum of 60 marks on the test at the end of the course.