How powerful is the Pakistani passport? Check latest ranking


Canadian company Arton Capital has published its Global Passport Power Ranking 2021, placing Pakistan at 77th place out of 81 countries.

New Zealand is the most powerful passport in the world, shows the ranking based on global mobility index.

Citizens of New Zealand have access visa-free access to 92 countries and are can acquire a visa on arrival for 44 countries.

Global Mobility Score is the total number of countries that can be easily accessed with a given passport. It is a calculated total based on Visa-free, Visa-on-arrival, eTA, and eVisa issued within 3 days.

Pakistan has visa-free access to 7 countries while citizens can acquire visa on arrival for 28 countries and they require visa of 163 countries before travel.

Germany, Switzerland, Australia, and Spain’s passports have secured the second position with access to 135 countries. India ranked 61 and Bangladesh 72 on the list.

Austria, Finland, Italy, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, the USA, and UAE’s passports are the third most powerful in the world.

France ranked 4, England 5, while Canada has been placed at 8th place.

Afghanistan (81), Iraq (31) and Syria (32) are the weakest passports in the world.

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