How much loss Sharifs and Zardaris have inflicted on country?

Salahuddin Haider

ALTHOUGH thor oughly debated at home corruption cases by Sharifs and the Zardari family, that he himself, sister Faryal Talpur and now the sugar scandal, involving Pakistan Prime Minister has been a testing time for Imran Khan, but things look like worsening with the involvement Jehangir Tareen and his MNAs and MPAs support for the former colleague of the premier.

The threat, still in nascent stages, but can turn dangerous because although Jehangir Tareen kept saying that he still treated the prime minister as his friend, will continue to do, but his complaint that he is pushed the unfriendly camp, can spell doom.

The prime minister till date seems least worried, emphasizing that action taken by sugar mafia, and if his old friend Jehangir Tareen is involved too, law will take its course.

Does that mean the two of them may bid good bye to each other, looks unlikely at present, for his supporters from the legislature have restrained themselves from opposing Imran Khan.

In Jehnagir Tareen and the supporting legislatures from National and Provincial assemblies, have emphasizes that Imran is their leader, but the support is conditional.

‘ if he (Imran listens to them fine, else anything can happen). These words are loaded ones.
Luckily for Imran, foreign media has begun to take notice about massive corruption by past governments of Peoples Party and PML-N.

For the time one such note of criticism from a foreign journalist Simon Templar is reproduced here for the benefit of the countrymen as such critical pieces came as semi confirmation to them. People at home have remained divided on the allegations against Zardaris and Sharifs.

Some believe it to be true, but for some it is still considered part of a plan to defame PPP and PML- N leadership.

Extreme caution has been exercised to avoid any or all references to current military leadership.

However some vague references could not be avoided while reproduction of this article
The piece from a Western Journalist Templar reads, ‘Thug life is a term used by gangsters to glorify their law breaking, heady crime sprees.

Nothing describes the misrule of two successive, so called democratically elected governments in the unstable, underdeveloped 220 million strong souths Asian state of Pakistan.

He says that loot and plunder that went on for long, was a sad tale for a nuclear armed State.

Pervez Musharaf who took over in 1999, the country became a close US ally after 9/11 and witnessed an era of growth and stability under military rule.

However when Musharaf reached his limits of flexibility, the writer says that pressure was brought on Musharraf to have talks with Benazir which he did, flying to meet the exiled ex-prime minister in Dubai.

The writer alleges that the deal with Benazir was brokered by the West, but there is no confirmation of that as yet
However Zardari’s two main achievements were withdrawal of article 58(2-B) which General Ziaul Haq had introduced into the country’s Constitution, and introduce 18 the amendment to the Constitution to transfer most of the subjects to provinces.

But while the withdrawal has generally been welcomed, 18 amendments remain controversial till date
The ‘US with its man in charge of the Presidency, violated Pakistani sovereignty and physical boundaries at will, using drones, choppers, covert assassins and whatever they chose.

The writer alleges that Zardari and Kayani were hands in gloves, but nothing has yet been substantiated except that Kayani got 3 terms in office, for which Zardari was rewarded

‘As per the unholy charter of kleptocracy’ adds Templar that ‘ Sharif kept silent during Zardari’s plunder and he returned the favor after Sharif took over in 2013.This charge is now a common knowledge.

Also allegations that Sharif’s made money through kick backs and commission has been denied by Chinese government.

The writer describes Zardari in rather abusive language, which in experts opinion is too harsh a terminology for records, and must have been avoided, but Western Media has its own style of presentations.

Templar adds that Zardari looted public wealth, and forcibly or by undervaluing neighbours’ property, close to Bilawal House Karachi, is also a common belief.

Then the article adds that Sharifs grew from a poor family background to mint money.

The poverty factor has also been confirmed by Shahbaz Sharif in his small autobiography which he gave to this scribe, signing on its page one.

But analysts criticizing Shahbaz must admit that he transformed life through remodeling of roads, building fly over and underpasses in Lahore, and also giving face uplift in Faisalabad, Multan etc.

This scibe can say with his personal experience that I studied in FC College, Lahore for 4 years, and then remained posted in that city for 5 year as PPI chief, a private news agency, founded by Muazzam Ali and took it to pristine heights.

On my last visit to Lahore in March 2020, I could not recognize Lahore which I had seen until 2007.

I just could not recognize it was same Lahore which I had left behind several years ago in came the Panama Leaks which proved fatal for Nawaz Sharif.

According to writer which many analysts agree that Nawaz destroyed the civil service structure, promoted nepotism, turning state servants – especially in the Punjab – into glorified facilitators.

Nawaz is further discredited with charges like functioning without statutory, mandated positions such as State Ombudsman, National Tax Collector, and Head of the Audit Service and even without the Governor of the State Bank.

His corruption stories have been highlighted in every paper, every channel and on social media, he chose to plod on shamelessly, trying one corrupt lawyer after another in a futile attempt to cover his tracks.

‘Described as a scicillian mafia by the worthy judges of the top constitutional court, Sharif functioned without a Foreign minister for four years, and appointed men of his choice as top envoys.

Now decades of money laundering, defaulted bank loans and millions in off shore accounts and overseas properties are being looked into by NAB, the writer, an expert on international affairs, lives In Belgium, concludes.

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