Housing Ministry plans to vacate illegally occupied govt’s quarters

City Reporter

The Ministry of Housing and Works is planning to vacate government quarters in the Federal capital from retired and relatives of late employees, who continue to occupy residences.

The ministry in that regard had also sought help from the Capital Development Authority and the Estate Office which falling under the administrative control of the Housing Ministry, sources in the Estate Office told media.

They said that the Ministry was considering taking action against the encroachments and illegally constructed structures in government residences in the federal capital.

Strict action would be taken against the construction of extra rooms by the employees and their kith and kin, who lived in government allotted houses, they added.

At present, the sources said over 17,000 government houses in Islamabad were under the management of the Estate Office and additional rooms had illegally been constructed by the allottees in over 2,400 residences.

The basic purpose of the operation was to clear the government residences of encroachments.

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