Horrifying Hijab ban


UNDER Modi regime, systematic discrimination, prejudice and violence has increased against Muslims in India.

Every now and then, new tactics are put in use to make their life miserable.

In the latest what could be a religious apartheid, Muslim girls wearing Hijab have been barred from attending classes in Southern India, something over which the Muslims cannot stay silent and have taken to the streets to protest against the restriction.

Hijab ban is the culmination of a growing climate of hate against Muslims in India which has now manifested itself in the physical realm.

For the last week, some Hindu students in Karnataka state have started wearing saffron-coloured shawls, a symbol of Hindu nationalist groups and are protesting against the Muslim girls’ choice of headgear, signifying India’s growing religious fault lines.

In fact the very statements of Indian leaders against Muslims including the ones defending ban on Hijab have encouraged the RSS members to provoke the situation.

Earlier, one has also seen how the Muslims were barred in certain areas from offering Friday prayers or perform their other religious obligations.

The very cow vigilante attacks and controversial legislations aimed at disenfranchising Muslims and depriving them of Indian citizenship just speak volume how the Muslims are being cornered and pushed to the wall.

What is happening with the Muslims in India has proved absolutely true the two nation theory of our founding nation Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

Anyway, the human rights organizations and the important capitals should take immediate notice of the current situation and come forward for the protection of Muslim population in India.

They have to act before it is too late as the experts are already warning of genocide of Muslims in India.

Just a couple of months ago, the Hindu extremist leaders were seeing making calls for genocide of Muslims.

For how long, the world will continue to act as a silent spectator on such horrific incidents.

Modi and his accomplices are extremists and they should be tried under war criminals act.

It is also for Muslim countries to raise voice for the rights of their brothers and sisters in India.

A collective voice will really have an impact and compel the Indian government to desist from its Muslim specific persecution campaign.


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