Holiday of political tension | By Attiya Munawer


Holiday of political tension

PAKISTAN is moving from political instability to political conflict. Current political situation is a cause of concern for Pakistanis, responsibility is not shown even in constitutional and legal matters.

The government has taken into consideration the seniority principle and appointed Lieutenant General Syed Asim Munir as the new Army Chief while Lieutenant General Sahir Shamshad as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee (CJCSC) and sent the summary to President Arif Alvi on which President met with Chairman PTI Imran Khan in Lahore before departing for Islamabad, where he wasted no time while fulfilling his constitutional responsibility by signing summary on PM’s advice and buried all speculations and now after these important military appointments, it is hoped that the fog of political tension which was covering the political, economic and social scenario of the country will start to clear very soon.

It is gratifying that the matter which has been the subject of many rumours in various circles has been settled amicably.

All the politicians have shown understanding of the matter and now it can be hoped that the politicians will make decisions in the national interest without any stubbornness on all other issues.

The issues can be resolved properly if the political leadership so desires and this time both important appointments have been made on the principle of seniority and the two generals who have been given important positions are both the most senior and talented generals of the Pakistan Army.

No officer has been superseded while making an important appointment in a long time nor has personal preference been involved.

Wherever the meritorious appointment of the new military leadership is being lauded across the country, many hopes and expectations are also being placed on the new military leadership to overcome the country’s challenges.

Currently, the new leadership of the army will face many internal as well as external challenges which are not new for the new military leadership.

The foe is active on both the eastern and western borders whereas India has made the situation tense on the eastern border as the Indian General Officer Commanding-in-Chief posted in Occupied Kashmir has claimed that there are about 300 militants here.

The Indian Army is ready to implement government orders for occupation of Azad Kashmir while the Afghan miscreants are seen making noise on the western border.

Military leadership has not just to face external threats but to look at the internal issues as well including CPEC, the war against terrorism, separatists’ activities in Balochistan and the presence of anti-national criminal elements in Karachi are at the top.

Pakistan Army and political leadership have achieved success before and now with the same spirit of unity and trust, the logical conclusion can be reached. It is requisite for the entire nation to support them.

Undoubtedly, the dust of rumours and speculations has begun to settle alongside the appointments of military leadership while without a political confrontation as was the summary from the Prime Minister’s House and the President’s House gave an immediate positive reaction to this summary.

This has also led to the hope of melting the ice in the political circles.

The political leadership must solve their issues altogether and strengthen the military leadership with their common sense.

If the military leadership has distanced itself from politics, it should be allowed to stay away.

Furthermore, the political leadership should now focus on solving the problems of the public rather than confrontation because there is an urgent need to use Parliament as its most effective forum.

—The writer is a regular columnist, based in Lahore.