Hold unconditional dialogue



As PTI long march is heading for Federal Capital, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah at a news conference on Saturday released an audiotape purportedly of former federal minister and PTI leader Ali Ameen Gandapur as evidence of his claim that PTI is bringing arms to the Capital.

This is a disturbing development as any act of violence or bloodshed will entail dire consequences and push the country further into chaos or God forbid civil war.

Hence, while rising above petty political interests and point scoring, better sense must prevail within political ranks to avoid any untoward incident.

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has reportedly formed a 13-member committee to handle the matters regarding PTI’s long march.

We suggest that this committee must engage with the PTI leadership to try and find a political solution of current situation.

It must be understood that if anything wrong happens in the long march, both sides will be held responsible for it. It is also for the PTI leadership to shun intransigence and demonstrate maturity in their conduct for the sake of country.

Given the current situation when country is grappling with massive devastation caused by floods in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic, elections are not possible in near future. Then results of census will also come in March and that will be followed by delimitation of constituencies.

It is only after completion of all this process that general elections can be conducted. Also, the country is faced with immense economic challenges and continued instability and uncertainty is not in our interest.

The polarisation has reached an alarming level, which is dangerous for our society. As also suggested by President Arif Alvi in his address to the joint sitting of Parliament, responsibility in this regard rests with entire political leadership to do away with it. We, therefore, will urge both the sides to sit together and amicably sort out their issues.

Before this they must also shun fiery speeches and statements against each other in order to create an enabling environment for sincere political dialogue to defuse the situation and come out with a mutually agreed solution.

In best national interest, other important state institutions may also play the role of facilitator to make these negotiations a success.



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