HM Wana demands foolproof security for doctors

Adam Khan Wazir

In Lower Waziristan District Headquarter Hospital Wana Health Manager (HM DHQ Wana) Mamoon ur Rasheed while addressing a press conference in his office regarding the problems faced in District Headquarter Hospital Wana said that a very sad incident happened in the district headquarter hospital Wana when few people came and beat up the doctors and other staff inside the hospital, and after vandalizing the hospital, the staff were also threatened.

Now the doctors and other staff are insecure, some doctors are thinking that if the situation continues, it will be difficult to perform the duties.

The health manager said that (MERF) Medical emergency resilience Funds NGO has appointed fifteen specialist doctors in the hospital, which were not there before, Recently we have shifted the emergency OPD to the new building but work is going on rapidly in other departments but if the situation for the doctors remains the same, no doctor will be able to perform duty here.