Hisense Residential AC manufacturing facility in Karachi

Observer Report

Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. commenced state of the art Air conditioner plant in Karachi to manufacture world renowned Hisense residential AC to provision the Pakistani market.

Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Pakistan’s exclusive licensed company for the Hisense brand, has expanded its manufacturing capacity to include residential air conditioners.

The facility has the capacity to produce 100K units of residential ACs annually with an investment of 1.3 million USD.

The facility provides state-of-the-art testing rooms with latest technology equipment monitoring high ambient environment for best performance.

It is already manufacturing and distributing the latest LED TV as well as Laser TV of Hisense in the country and with this current expansion, they have enhanced their product portfolio to provide consumers Residential Air Conditioner in Pakistan with more viable options ahead of the summer season.

It offers air conditioners from Hisense which is branded as the Inverter AC expert in two categories which include Split and Floor Standing types.

Speaking at the occasion, Tri-Angels Electronics Pvt. Ltd. CEO, Mr. Imran Ghani said; “Pakistan and its consumers are always looking for latest and innovative options when it comes to electronics.