Hindutva fascism, Modi and lies | By Bhabani Shankar Nayak


Hindutva fascism, Modi and lies

NARENDRA Modi and his RSS brethren are masters of fraudulent claims. There are long lists of lies spread by the RSS, BJP, and all their IT cell workers. It is not a personality disorder or lying with fear.

Hindutva fascists are trained liars. Modi defended his government’s decision on demonetisation by arguing that ‘demonetisation’ is “an important step” in his fight against black money and corruption.

He appealed to Indians emotionally by his make-believe oratory in November 2016. Modi said that “I have asked the country for just 50 days.

If after December 30, there are shortcomings in my work or there are mistakes or a bad intention found in my work, I will be prepared for the punishment that the country decides for me”.

Many months and years have passed, demonetisation failed to achieve any of the objectives.

Modi has neither taken any moral responsibility nor maintained any political and democratic accountability.

The demonetisation decision really destroyed the Indian economy. A similar strategy was adopted during the GST Bill, and it killed small businesses and weakened the Indian economy further.

The Agricultural Reform policies have further exposed Modi’s commitment to his capitalist cronies at the cost of Indian farmers and the Indian agricultural economy.

His promises of employment to youths, women’s empowerment, fellowships to students and increasing farmers’ income are a series of false promises.

His glaring failures from home to foreign policies and disgraceful management of the Coronavirus crisis reveals his fraudulent claims of good governance and promises of good days for India and the Indians.

Governance by lies is a political strategy of Hindutva fascists led by the BJP and trained by the RSS in India. Mr. Narendra Modi’s inverse relationship with the truth should not come as a surprise to anyone.

Hindutva fascists have always embraced false narratives to develop their irrational worldviews in the name of ‘cultural nationalism’ to serve its political project and economic objectives of their capitalist cronies.

From the rewriting of Indian history to the Gujarat model of economic development is based on fraudulent narratives.

The love for falsehood is not unique to Hindutva fascists. All fascists, anti-democratic, totalitarian and authoritarian leaderships and their ideologies are based on their excellent mainstreaming falsehoods.

The 21st-century fascist leaders like Modi use the culture of fake news, social media and new information technology to destroy scientific outlooks and reason among the masses to control and domesticate people as subservient subjects.

The Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019, passed by the Modi government, is intended to destroy the citizenship rights of the religious minorities and weaken the citizenship rights of all Indians. The Hindutva fascists are against citizenship and democracy.

This is why Hindutva fascists are destroying and weakening all institutions of democracy in India.

The followers of Hindutva fascism believe in all hateful falsehood spread by Modi, BJP and RSS.

Despite all crises, Hindutva fascists have increased their mass-based in Indian society and politics.

The deception is an inherent political strategy of BJP and integral to RSS ideology. Hindutva fascists capitalize falsehood to capture and uphold power at any cost.

The death and destitution do not disturb Hindutva fascists. These forces integrate deception and lie into their everyday practice of governance.

It is not populism but a deceptive political culture planted in India by BJP and RSS that weakens the Indian state and democracy.

The Hindutva fascists use violence and fear as weapons to ensure that people accept their lies as truth.

There is growing rape and violence against women and religious minorities in India as Hindutva fascists encourage the fulfillment of their followers’ anti-Muslim and bottled-up sexual desires. Hindutva fascists stand with their follower’s every destructive action.

They have organized public rallies in support of rapists and garlanded leaders of mob lynching. Everyday violence is a governing principle of Hindutva fascists.

This is a distinctive process developed and practiced by most fascists to serve their reactionary political, economic and cultural projects devoid of truth.

Truth is a reflection on the realities of life and livelihoods. Hindutva fascists don’t reflect on realities.

They believe in the truth that comes from mythology. They normalize and naturalize their falsehood as truth with the help of mythology.

Therefore, they rewrite Indian history to undermine the material and scientific foundations of history and its relevance to people and their everyday life.

The rewriting of history is a common project of Hindutva fascists and neoliberal capitalist monsters.

These forces undermine the material conditions, spiritual harmony and social relationships between human beings and nature.

This dehumanizing project is fundamental to militarize people’s minds to normalize violence and falsehood spread by Hindutva fascists. Hindutva fascism isn’t a counter-revolutionary movement.

It is neither a nationalist nor a cultural movement of transformation of Indian society and politics.

It is a revivalist movement established by Brahminical social order to uphold their caste hierarchy and economic interests in the society, which is concomitant with neoliberal capitalism.

Therefore, Hindutva fascists and neoliberalism capitalism move as twins in India led by Mr. Narendra Modi.

There is no economic, social development, health education and foreign policy to guide India today for the future of Indians and their country.

The cabinet under Modi is defunct. Everything runs based on Modi’s instincts. There is no reason or rhyme in Modi’s governance.

Lies are the only means to hide all his ignorance and failures. Mr. Narendra Modi blames everyone, including his predecessors, for ignoring and avoids his responsibilities as the PM of India.

He demonizes Muslims, religious minorities, human rights activists, youths, students and farmers to reject truth and reality.

From gas theory to cloud theory, Modi spreads unscientific and irrational outlooks in India, which is opposed to the spirit of the Indian Constitution.

Knowledge and science is the enemy of Hindutva fascists and their poster boy, whose classmates and qualifications are unknown.

Modi’s public conduct encourages a fraudulent culture in India. The electoral victory of Hindutva fascists pushes India backward.

The habitual liars of Hindutva led by Modi put India and the Indians at risk. It destroys the present and wipes out everything conditions for a better future for Indians.

The revival of India and the future of Indians depend on collective struggles against Hindutva fascism and their irrational, unscientific ideology and deceptive political strategies.

In 2021, Indian nationalism and patriotism mean to defeat Hindutva fascism from every sphere of Indian lives.

It is a struggle between the lies of Hindutva and the everyday realities of people in India.

History has witnessed the glorious victories of struggles against colonialism and fascism.

Indians have nothing to lose but to defeat Modi and company to fortify the democratic and secular future in peace and prosperity.
—Courtesy: South Asia Journal.

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