Hindus displeased with TV show for ridiculing their Rajput chieftain PPP MPA Rana Hamir Singh was made fun of in a comedy show


Zubair Qureshi

Hindu community of Pakistan is not happy with a late night comedy show aired at a private TV network for ridiculing a leader of their Rajput community of Tharparkar, Rana Hamir Singh.
In the programme titled “Khabarnak” that is presented on Geo TV Network, the protagonist Mir Muhammad Ali copied Rana Hamir Singh wearing a traditional dress of Rajput rulers of Amarkot (presently known as Umerkot) of Sindh, holding a sword around the waist and a turban over his head.
Mir Ali even wore big moustaches and mimicked Rana Hamir Singh’s laughter during the show and reportedly made fun of various rituals of Hinduism.
Another comedian Sohni performed the role of Rani, wife of Rana Hamir Singh.
While criticising the said TV show for ‘ridiculing’ their leader, Hindu community has taken to social media demanding apology from the TV channel.
On Wednesday, they staged a protest demonstration in Mithi, the district headquarters of Tharparkar and demanded of the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) and the government to take notice of the scandalous programme against the Hindu values.
Rana Hamir Singh is the head of the ruling family of Amarkot and his followers are present in large number not only in Mithi but also in other towns of Tharparkar such as Nangarparkar, Chachro and Diplo.
He has his following even in India.
Kapil Dev, a minority rights activist from Sindh while talking to Pakistan Observer said the TV show didn’t go well with the Hindu community particularly those living in Tharparkar and Mithi etc.
“Unfortunately, the organizers of the show missed out the subtle difference between satire and making fun of someone’s culture and identity,” said Kapil adding we need to respect others’ cutlural sensitivity and diversity.
Another Hindu resident of Tharparkar, Amar Singh said by making fun of Rana Family the TV show tried to ridicule a civilization that is thousands of years old and has rich cultural, traditional values.
Not only Hindus, even Muslim social media users also expressed their distaste against the said TV show. A Facebook user, Rana Babar wrote, “One could give some grace marks to the male caricature of Rana Hamir Singh for his political affiliation with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) but showing his wife and attributing to her nonsense remarks is quite unacceptable.”
According to the Executive Producer of the programme Zeeshan Hussain, though he did not receive any complaint from Rana Hamir Singh, yet his colleagues conveyed to him later, it was a bit ‘too much.’
“We tender our unconditional apology to all those who are hurt by this show and assure in future we shall be careful with regard to cultural sensitivities,” said Zeeshan.
Rana Hamir Singh belongs to the royal family of Rajput Thakur clan of Amarkot. He is the 26th “Rana” of his tribe.

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