Hindus celebrate Holi in Attock

Raza Naqvi

Like other parts of the country, the Hindu community celebrated Holi (Festival of Colours) at Valmeci Mandir here on Sunday Night.

The festival is celebrated every year in February or March and signifies new beginnings – leaving behind winter and welcoming spring.
In this regard, a special gathering was held at Valmeci Temple of Attock.

Special sermons were delivered, preaching love and peace while prayers were offered for prosperity of Pakistan. Sweets and meals were distributed among all community members.

Talking to media persons on this occasion, Pandit Sarwan Kumar said that the festival of colours rejuvenates the spirit of fun, freedom, love, respect and happiness to blend myths with religion for promoting harmony.

Felicitating the Hindu community on the festival, he said it welcomes spring, brings joy, festivity and happiness for all sections of the society and promotes celebration among all communities.

In Pakistan, the Hindu community celebrates the festival with a play of colours and also burns logs of wood to symbolize the victory of good over evil and observe Holi Pooja.

He thanked the guests and representative of other communities who attended this festival.