Helping citizens glory of Motorway Police: IG


Inspector General of National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP), Khalid Mahmood on Wednesday said that Motorway Police was known across the country for its honesty, courteousness, and helpfulness.

Addressing the NHMP officers in Ijlaas-e-Aam, Khalid Mahmood said that the Motorway Police was a role model for all other police forces in the world due to its excellent performance. He emphasized that honesty, good manners, and citizen assistance were the hallmarks of the Motorway Police.

Mahmood noted that the use of modern technology was crucial to achieving the Motorway Police’s objectives. He said that by implementing excellent and timely measures, the force was able to achieve a zero-accident policy during the foggy season of 2022-23.

He said that the officers also served flood-affected people admirably and launched a successful campaign called “No More” to prevent accidents.