Hegemonic designs of a fascist state


Sikandar Noorani

FINALLY, the cat is out of the bag! India, under Modi’s ultra-fascist vision, has re-stamped its regional hegemonic designs. Only a fool will buy the idea that India is the largest secular democracy of the world. It is not the greater numbers which fetch respect for the nations but the collective conduct of the society which determines the moral status of the ruling elite and dominant quarters of that particular society. After a hard quest, India has proved itself a fascist Hindu majoritarian state being ruled by an extremely hateful violent cult infected with Hindutva ideology. There is no space for universally acknowledged values like democracy, tolerance and co-existence in Modi’s India. Hindutva Brigade started its deadly march on the path of destruction by igniting the sentiments of Hindu majority against the minorities especially Muslims.
At internal front this hateful populist rhetoric took a toll on Indian Muslims and at external front BJP turned its guns towards Pakistan. Occupied Kashmir is that unfortunate land where the BJP has found enough space to accelerate on its fascist ideology with full throttle. More than nine lac troops have countless killing grounds on both sides of the LoC to target the Kashmiri Muslims and Pak Army. It was occupied Kashmir where BJP staged Pulwama attack drama and military misadventure of a failed surgical air strike at Bala Kot. Though, jaw breaking reply of Pakistan embarrassed India in the battlefield but out of that shame Modi-led BJP managed to extract electoral victory. This second rise of BJP in power corridors of New Delhi is nothing but outcome of hateful right wing populist anti-Pakistan rhetoric. Indian media was very forthcoming in blindfolding the domestic audience. All unwise and destructive moves of Modi regime were projected as acts of bravery and masterpieces of statesmanship. Saner minds questioning the volatile actions of BJP were put under constant media trial after declaring traitor and agents of Pakistan.
Revocation of Kashmir’s special constitutional status, introduction of highly discriminatory citizenship laws and prolonged inhuman lockdown in IOJ&K have set entire India on self – destruction mode. Targeted anti-Muslim riots around US President Trump’s visit exposed an entirely different face of India without artificial mask of secularism and democracy. It was predicted right in this paper that Trump had appointed India as its policeman in South Asia in return to dollar three billion arms deal. The newly appointed policeman has now started overstepping in the region by crossing many redlines with already irked neighbours. After directly provoking the two major regional players, China and Pakistan, by unilaterally declaring disputed areas as its union territories now Modi government has begun the second phase of igniting the fire of regional unrest at a larger scale. Traditionally, India remains daggers drawn with Pakistan over Kashmir, but this time New Delhi has begun pricking Nepal and China simultaneously.
Stand-off at Ladakh borders with China has been purposefully ignited by India. It is aiming at much more than capturing the disputed piece of lands. Reportedly, Indian army was continuously provoking China through undue military build-up and probing border crossings. No rocket science is required to comprehend the prime objective of India behind such unprecedented border misadventures. This stand-off must not be delinked with post 5th August attack on quasi-autonomous status of IOJ&K. Indian provocative move was rejected by China and Pakistan without any waste of time. A clash is boiling up between three nuclear armed countries and UNSC had to convene two exclusive sessions after Indian unilateral misadventure over Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir. India is flexing its muscles in regional arena to sabotage the CPEC. If succeeds, it can serve a few important purposes.
First, a halt to Chinese economic expansion for the appeasement of US. Second, economic blow to Pakistan for the utter satisfaction of extremist Hindutva Brigade. Third, establishment of strong foothold in South Asian arena as mini-super power; a big leap towards ideological fantasy of ‘Akhund Bharat’. An unexpected tougher response from China has also sent a more than usually clearer warning to India and its backers that crossing of red lines will always be responded in the same coin. During the testing times of Corona pandemic, Indian mentor US is persistently blaming China for the global spread of Covid-19. Same US tune, not as a coincidence, was repeated in chorus by G-7 countries at numerous occasions. China has responded to US provocations with extreme caution, so far.
Eventually, India has succeeded in dragging China towards violent means. Continuation of violence might damage the vital objectives of both regional players; China and Pakistan. Frequent threatening statements from top Indian officials to capture AJ&K through military might are poised to hinder the CPEC at any cost. Exact realization of hidden Indian objectives prevails in Beijing and Islamabad. Predicting the future unfolding of events is not easy at this stage but Indian ill-intended pursuance of destructive policies might harm the region beyond imaginations. A well thought out Pak-China joint strategy and extra vigilant watch on all provocative moves is the key to deal with Indian-sponsored destructive plans.
—The writer is a free lancer who often contributes in national newspapers.

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