HEC scholarships capitalizing nation’s real resource



Human capital has always been the best-ever resource for any country to glitter on international horizons by taking strides in different arena of life and taking nation to new heights of progress and self-sufficiency. For this purpose, the educated youth is inevitable and every nation diligently focuses this area by creating more opportunities for its students within the country and at the best universities across the globe.

Higher Education Commission (HEC) has performed valuably in recent years in offering various international scholarship schemes to make education accessible for students, particularly those from far-flung and less privileged areas. “Over 40% of the government’s total investment in higher education sector has been on human resource development and we have maintained the most transparent and cautious approach for selection of students” said Chairman Higher Education Commission Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad.“Our students are very talented and under Erasmus Mundus scholarship program, which is very competitive, this year the highest number of students securing these scholarships are from Pakistan,” Dr Mukhtar said.

“We have allocated funds for need-based scholarships in recurring budget for universities so no brilliant student who falls within the merit, has to discontinue studies due to financial constraints,” he added. “Owing to our initiatives, Pakistan won the greatest number of Erasmus+ Scholarships with India remaining second.” Dr. Mukhtar appreciated USAID for providing Master’s scholarships to 700 female students to study in different disciplines in top 30 partner institutions of Pakistan and “we are endeavoring to secure more slots.”