HEC considers online varsities’ classes


ISLAMABAD In response to a number of complaints regarding online classes in some universities, the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Tuesday asked for detailed information on these courses in order to inspect the quality of the content,delivery, and connectivity. This was stated by HEC Chairman, Dr Tariq Banuri in a statement. He said that if a university was found to be lacking in capacity to deliver good quality online lectures, they would be directed to halt such lectures until the requisite conditions were met. HEC is monitoring the developing situation arising out of the COVID-19 pandemic, and is in contact with university leadership to identify areas where support would be needed to minimize academic disruption. Contingency plans have been drawn for various scenarios. If the current restrictions on movement are extended beyond 31st May, all universities will have to resort to online education. To avoid system problems from a single “big bang launch”, HEC has allowed digitally advanced universities to start offering online courses as soon as they are ready