Heavy snowfall continues for second consecutive day in Hazara


Snowfall and heavy downpour continued on the hilly and plain areas of Hazara division for the second consecutive day. In the plains of Haripur, Abbottabad, Mansehra, Battagram, Kohistan and Torghar heavy rains continued intermittently, while on the hilly areas including Galyat, Thandyani, Kaghan, Naran, Shograna and Babusar Top, heavy snowfall blocked roads and made people to remain in their homes.

During the last 36 hours, Galyat and Thandyani received more than one foot of snow while Kaghan, Naran and Shogran received up to two feet of snow. Galyat Development Authority (GDA) staff was trying utmost to clear snow from main Murree. Most of the connecting roads in Galyat and Thandyani were closed for traffic.

Similarly, in Kaghan valley, Mansehra, Naran and Jalkhad (MNJ) roads were also closed. Snowfall was also continuing intermittently at the high places of Konish Valley, which has increased the severity of cold in the entire region. Officials of Kaghan Development Authority were busy with machinery to clear the snow on Kaghan and Shogran Roads and restore the flow of traffic for tourists and local people.

Despite, all odds of weather and minus temperatures, a large number of tourists have been visiting Galyat and Shogran to enjoy snowfall with their families. In some parts of the district Abbottabad and Mansehra, electricity transmission lines have also been damaged and people were without electricity for the last two days. As the snowfall started in Galyat and other hilly areas of the region, the prices of firewood and other fuels have also been increased.