Heavy fog disrupts flight operations


Poor visibility caused by heavy fog has badly affected flight operations at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport.

As per details, the heavy fog has dropped the visibility at the runway of Lahore airport.

Dense fog has blanketed different cities of Punjab, including Lahore, paralyzing routine life and disrupting road and air traffic.

There is a huge number of passengers at the Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore because of the delay in flights.

The international flight operations between Riaz and Karachi are delayed as a result of fog.

Earlier, due to poor visibility and fog in Lahore, Pakistan International Airlines shifted all international flight operations between 10 pm and 11 am from the capital of Punjab to Islamabad.

“All international flights scheduled to operate to/from Lahore between 10 pm and 11 am have been shifted to Islamabad,” PIA spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan said in a statement.

The rescheduling of flights during these hours is temporary and will be restored as soon as the foggy conditions improve, according to the national flag carrier.

He clarified that flight-shifting arrangements will be reversed once the foggy conditions improved in Lahore.

The move was aimed at ensuring air safety and saving long waiting times for passengers, he claimed.

The spokesperson advised the passengers to contact the PIA call centre at (021) 111 786 786 to get timely information about flights.