Hearing on petition of administration against FIA probe in NICVD dismissed



Hearing on the petition of the administration against the FIA investigation in the NICVD in the Sindh High Court.Honorable Court dismissed the case against NICVD as the Institute is still a provincial subject.

Prosecutor General Sindh, while submitting the report in the court, took the position that NICVD is working under the government of Sindh.

The court accepted the report of the Sindh Prosecutor General, stopped the FIA investigation and dismissed the case.

NICVD operates under Sindh province and its inquiry is already being investigated by NAB, so no other federal agency (FIA) can investigate: Honorable Court.

Former NICVD ghost employee Tariq Sheikh had submitted a fake application to the FIA alleging false and fabricated allegations against the Institute, which was dismissed by the honourable court today.

Tariq Sheikh, a former ghost employee of NICVD, is spreading negative propaganda against the NICVD which provides the world’s most expensive and modern treatment absolutely free to the patients coming from all over the country for his personal interests and trying to mislead the country’s esteemed institutions.

Today, after the decision of the esteemed court, the sacked ghost employee Tariq Sheikh has definitely lost and the patient service organization NICVD has won.

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