Health ministry marks world universal health coverage day in Kabul



    The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) celebrated World Universal Health Coverage Day, which falls on December 12, under the theme “Health is safety, safety is everyone’s right”.

    Mohammad Hassan Ghiasi, Deputy Minister of Planning and Policy of MoPH, said that in order to ensure universal health coverage, the ministry has launched comprehensive plans for the supply of health services throughout the country.

    Ghiasi added that the health ministry is determined to facilitate access for all citizens in a fair way and without financial pressure by launching these programs.

    “Public health tries to provide health services to the citizens of the country in a fair, balanced and quality manner,” said Ghiasi.

    Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Minister of Economy, meanwhile said that the credibility of the government is based on three factors, which are health, education and economic growth.

    “The more we reduce the percentage of illiteracy in the country, the more we will contribute to the development and progress of the country to the same extent,” said Nazari.

    Mir Najmuddin Hashemi, the representative of the World Health Organization in Afghanistan, said that currently half of the world’s population has financial problems and find it difficult to access health services, but that this organization is committed to providing assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

    “We help children and youth stay in school and ensure citizens don’t have to choose between paying for food and medicine,” he said.

    Malali, the representative of UNICEF in Afghanistan, also said: “UNICEF is committed to contributing to the strengthening of the Afghan health system.”

    Afghanistan’s health system is facing problems more than ever and some believe that the international community should support the country’s health system as was done in previous years.—Ariana news