Health Dept issues Congo Virus alert

Staff Reporter

The Punjab Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department has issued an alert about Congo Virus threat ahead of Eidul Azha on Sunday.

The Punjab Health Department in its alert has directed all district officers to take special precautionary measures in cattle markets across the province for protection from the Congo virus.

The health department will monitor the animals brought to cattle markets on the eid.

Director Health Services Dr Khalid has advised general public to ensure that their sacrificial animals have been free from the tick causes the virus infection. He also advised people to use germicides after consultation with the livestock department.

The health authorities issue alert stipulating precautionary instructions for all those people who are visiting cattle farms.

The hospitals also directed to adopt special precautions for a Congo virus affected patients and establish special wards for these patients.

The disease is caused when a tick attaches itself to the skin of cattle and when that infected tick or animal comes in contact with people, the highly contagious virus is transmitted into the human body and the person falls ill.

The initial symptoms of Congo fever include headache, high fever, rashes, back pain, joint pain, stomach pain and vomiting.


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