Hard work will pay youth back: UMT president



Staff Reporter

President (UMT) Ibrahim Hasan Murad said that Pakistan is among the fifth largest country of the world having majority of population (63 percent) comprises of youth, between aged 15-to-33 years. He said that empowerment and engagement of the youth at different levels will put the country on the lines of a hundred percent literacy rate, economic sustainability, social harmony and political stability.
Ibrahim Murad said that hard work always pays back in the form of success so “youth will reap rewards of hard work”. He shared that the young generation has full potential to shape a country’s future therefore they must work hard as they are the engines of development.
The UMT president also shared that in this competitive world, the road to success can only be achieved through hard work and reaping the benefits of hard work is always certain. Youth’s engagement and hard work in positive & productive ways will not only help them achieve their goals but also put the country in the right direction, he added.

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