Harassment victim not satisfied with inquiry team


Almas Bann, a victim of harassment, and student of Sindh University who hails from Sujawal has expressed her dissatisfaction with the investigation into the incident of harassment that took place a few days ago at the University premises and urged concerned quarters for protection.

“We can not rely on the investigation team led by Pro- Vice-Chancellor Rafique Ahmed Memon for a free and fair investigation as they are putting me under duress for resiling from the statement”; She alleged and added that the Universities of the province had turned into the hub of harassment and sexual assault for female students.

Narrating the incident she said that two pillion riders tried to abduct her from the University premises and upon resistance subjected her to torture but the university administration took no cognizance of the incident and preferred to sit idle on such a serious issue. She alleged that on the behest of the University administration local police stormed their way into the house late at night to arrest her adding that following the series of untoward incidents she and her family members were in a state of desperation.


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