Hamza directs officials to undertake steps to resolve water problem in Cholistan

Hamza Shehbaz London

Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz summoned the government officials to the Circuit House Bahawalpur late night. Commissioner Bahawalpur, Deputy Commissioner, DPO and officials of Forest department gave a briefing to him. Additional Chief Secretary and Additional Inspector General Police of South Punjab were also present on this occasion.

Hamza Shahbaz gave necessary directions with regard to resolving the water problem in Cholistan on a permanent basis along with improving law and order situation in South Punjab. CM ordered to undertake emergency steps to resolve the water problem in Cholistan on a permanent basis. On the special direction of the CM, a decision was taken to launch pilot project of solar water pumps in Cholistan.

Hamza Shahbaz asserted that irrigated places be identified at the earliest in order to install solar water pumps. CM ordered the quantification of wildlife, especially of birds on a scientific basis in the Lal Suhanra National Park along with making a documentary for the promotion of tourism.

He directed to avail the services of male and female students from various educational institutions for attaining this purpose and ordered DG Wildlife to submit a report within 10 days in this regard.

CM underscored that the major part of livelihood of the people of South Punjab depends on wildlife and tourism. Hamza Shahbaz directed Commissioner Bahawalpur to invite multinational companies to provide assistance to these people. DPO gave a briefing to the CM about the law and order situation in Bahawalpur and CM inquired about how many cameras are installed in the city and how many are functional. Hamza Shahbaz directed to expedite launching crackdown against the criminal elements.

CM directed DPO Bahawalpur to prioritise maintaining law and order situation along with ensuring security of the citizens in the district.