Hamza appreciates UN partnership for human resource development


Lauds police performance

UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator Mr Julian Harneis called on Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz at his office on Monday and appreciated the steps being taken for social sector development.

Talking on this occasion, Julian Harneis appreciated the Punjab government’s vision of providing social services as durable steps that would empower women while ensuring gender equality in society. Both will jointly counter climate changes which are a collective challenge for the whole world, he added.

Hamza Shahbaz appreciated UN partnership for human resource development and welcomed UN bodies’ cooperation for social development in the country. However, he maintained that a balanced plan of action would have to be formulated to ensure durable human development which is the need of the hour.

Similarly, out of box solutions would have to be adapted to deal with water shortage and other issues; he stated and pointed out that the drought like situation in Cholistan and other areas could endanger humans and wildlife.

Meanwhile, the Punjab government’s steps to overcome water shortage in the expanse of Cholistan have started yielding positive results while climate challenges have become a global threat, he added.

The CM said that Daanish schools are the best source of providing quality education to children of backward areas.

Similarly, the PMLN-led government had adopted numerous praiseworthy steps to protect women and helped them to join the development process in its previous tenure. Use of quality seeds was being encouraged for better productivity in south Punjab and the targets of clean energy would be achieved through collaboration, added Hamza Shahbaz. Similarly, urban foresting, water reserves and zero plastic waste targets have been pinpointed and Provincial Water Act was being introduced to improve the recharge of groundwater in cities, he disclosed. Joint steps would also be taken to protect and improve cultural heritage, the CM further said.

Sardar Awais Leghari, Uzma Kardar, Tahayya Noon, Imran Goraya, Ali Raza, CS and administrative secretaries were also present.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Punjab Hamza Shahbaz has congratulated Lahore police and the investigation team on the safe recovery of a child kidnapped for ransom from Lahore and added that criminals will be given strict punishment under the law.

We are thankful for the safe recovery of the child as police investigated scientifically to apprehend the accused and ensured the safe recovery of the child, he added.

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