Hammad blasts so-called economy experts for silence over economic collapse


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) General Secretary Central Punjab Hammad Azhar lashed out at the imported government for surging prices of daily use items at a breakneck speed and the so-called economic commentators and attention seekers who, he said, painted doomsday scenarios during PTI’s era when things were on the mend but now they opted to remain tightlipped when PDM brought a booming economy to its knees.

Hammad Azhar, in a statement on Monday, said that PDM stood fully exposed during their eight months of government, because they did not have any plan to arrest the decline of all key fundamentals due to which the free-fall of the economy continued. He said that the regime’s only obsession was PTI Chairman as how to rig the system to prevent him from being voted into power again.

Hammad Azhar stated that the gravity of the situation could be judged from the fact that flour prices have been doubled in eight months of PDM government, as the price of 20 kg flour has been surged from Rs 1300 to Rs 2500 in the market. However, he went on to say that the tiny clique of fake desi liberals were in an amusing fix these days. “The regime’s fascism is out on full display. PDM stands fully exposed too but so-called economic commentators that graced the TV screens during PTI’s era were now in hiding,” he added. “These attention seekers painted doomsday scenarios for three years when things were on the mend but have chosen to remain quiet during the actual meltdown caused by PDM,” he maintained.