Hameed welcomes China-brokered Iran-Saudi rapprochement

Prime Minister Shehbaz

Convenor/President Ummah Peace Group Hameed Akhtar Niazi, has warmly welcomed the China-brokered rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran. This development heralds a new era in the political landscape of the Middle East.

The immediate outcome of this development is likely to culminate in peace in the unfortunate Yemen. It is also going to be of immense relief to Pakistan which has had the rather delicate task of maintaing balance in its relationship with two very important Muslim countries. It may even result in eroding Indian influence in our neighbourhood. Above all, it has the potential of enhancing the ummah’s standing in the comity of Nations.

As a long shot, it might even help the Palestinians against the strong-armed Israelis. It might even partly undermine the American influence in the region. For all these reasons, this development is being rightly termed as a game changer. The ummah must be grateful to China and must congratulate crown prince Muhammad of Saudi Arabia and the wise leadership of Iran.