Hameed Lone demands Kashmir desk in Foreign Office


Jammu and Kashmir Hurriyat leader Abdul Hameed Lone has demanded that the government of Pakistan set up a special desk on Kashmir in the Foreign Ministry to highlight the atrocities in occupied Kashmir and the Kashmir issue at the international level.

To implement the resolution, a UN referendum commission should be set up and fair funding the mission should be sent to Kashmir to look into the human rights violations there.  Indian forces have orphaned 170,000 children, but the international community is not paying the attention it needs.

He expressed these views while addressing a press conference at Karachi Press Club along with Abid Abbasi, Bashir Saduzai, Ayaz Motiwala, Saleem Butt, and Sabir Hussain on Thursday.

He said that India was violating human rights to suppress the struggle for the recognized rights of Kashmiris.  One hundred and seven thousand children have been orphaned.  23,000 women have become widows. More than 14,000 young people are locked up in torture cells in different parts of India are being subjected to inhumane torture.

8,000 young people are missing.  More than 100,000 youths have been martyred, but the international community is not putting pressure on India in this way.

Therefore, we need to intensify diplomacy now. He demanded that Kashmir disks be set up in the Foreign Ministry and Pakistani embassies to conduct full-time diplomacy on Kashmir.  Responding to a question, the Kashmiri Hurriyat leader said, “We have no grievances against the Pakistani nation. They are our backers. Every political party, including the government of Pakistan, has supported our position.”  Let Pakistan help us in practice. We Kashmiris will continue.

It is our right. The youth of Occupied Kashmir is fighting with 1.5 million Indian troops empty-handed. Let the Pakistani people and government take our voice and the goal of fighting India with the world.  Self-determination. Abdul Hameed Lone said that India is a fascist country where the rights of minorities and religious freedom is not available.

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