Hamdard Naunehal Assembly held



A function of Hamdard Naunehal Assembly Karachi chapter, comprising speeches, recitation of verses from the Holy Quran, na’at, national songs, and Dua-i-Said was held yesterday on the topic: “We children are the defenders of Pakistan, either in peace or war.” at Bait-ul-Hikmah Auditorium, Madinat al-Hikmah Karachi. Ms Sadia Rashid, President, Hamdard Foundation Pakistan, presided over the meeting.

Brig (r) DrRiaz-ul-Haq, CEO, Hamdard University HosptalTaj Medical Complex, was invited as a chief guest.In an opening speech, Ms Sadia Rashid said, patriotism was identified with valor, sacrifice and indomitable love for the country.

As the world has globalized, countries develop strategies to compete for the markets, technologies, and skills that will raise their standards of living.“In this era, those nations are successful who have strengthened their economy and continue to maintain discipline, tolerance, justice, rule of law, unity and integrity in their respective societies.

Moving ahead on these fronts with hard work and dedication, we can also join the ranks of successful, dignified, developed, civilized and strong nations in the world,” she added.Brig (r) DrRiaz-ul-Haq said: “Nations with a stronger sense of identity and societal coherence have a competitive advantage over nations with a more fragmented sense of identity or that lack allegiance to any sort of unified nationhood. Shaheed Hakim Mohammed said foresaw the need to cultivate a sense of belonging and association in the population with newly founded Pakistan.

He then dedicated his life to promote patriotism among the younger generations. Institutions he established bring people together irrespective of their religion, race and ethnicity.”He advised children to attain excellence in the profession of their choice.

“Perseverance is the mother of all success. While attaining the level of excellence may not be a one-day task, it is a lifelong rewarding character trait.

Only those are successful who achieve excellence in their respective profession. Therefore, it is imperative for you to find your passion and make a name for yourself and for your country.”Speaker Naunehal Assembly RohanSuleman (Hamdard Public School) moderated the meeting. NabihaJamal(HPS) Leader of the House and Ayesha Fawad (HPS) Opposition Leader of the House and young orators also spoke on the occasion. Later Ms Sadia Rashid and Brig (r) Dr.Riaz-ul-Haq distributed prizes among the students and then the meeting was concluded.

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