Haleem sees national enthusiasm as manifestation of Pakistan glory



Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that enthusiasm of the nation on March 23rd is clear manifestation that Pakistan is going to be a great country under the leadership of Imran Khan.

Haleem Adil Sheikh while addressing PTI’s Pakistan Day Rally said that the entire nation is celebrating the day of great significance and paying glowing tribute to founders of Pakistan. We will make this country greater by following the ideology of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal, he vowed and noted that March 23 is the historic day that marks remarkable struggle of Muslims and Hindus of Pakistan.

The Muslim Ummah has got a great leader in Imran Khan at these times and the incumbent PTI government under the leadership of Imran Khan was striving to realize the dreams of Quaid-e-Azam, he said.

Opponents’ false propaganda of diplomatic alienation of Pakistan had been overshadowed after beginning of important session of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) in Islamabad and the entire world seen Pakistan eloquently representing Muslims of the world, Haleem Adil said.

The entire Pakistani nation acknowledged courageous stand of PTI government and stood side by side with Imran Khan, Haleem Adil Sheikh said and added that the no-confidence motion of the opposition has failed already.He said that PTI on March 27 would hold the biggest public meetings in the history of Pakistan as people have rejected those politicians who used to rule Pakistan by taking turns and it is not far off now that Pakistan will emerge as a country on the map of the world which truly follows the state of Madinah.

Haleem Adil Sheikh further said that Bilawal Zardari has seen how much confidence the people had in ‘Mr. 10%’ while people of Malakand known who allowed drone attacks on the Pashtuns for the sake of dollars and who plundered public resources.

Honesty and trustworthiness of Imran Khan is authenticated by the apex courts of the country while Zardari is a leader internationally known as the Mr. 10%, he said.


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