Haleem pays tribute to martyrs, armed forces on Defence Day



Leader of Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh on Monday, paid venerating tribute to martyrs and armed forces of Pakistan who sacrificed their lives for security and solidarity of the nation.

To mark the Defense Day of Pakistan, Haleem Adil Sheikh along with other party leaders and workers, paid a visit to grave of Shaheed Major Moeez Maqsood, laid floral wreath and offered Fatiha.

Haleem Adil Sheikh visited home of Shaheed Major Moeez Maqsood Baig who embraced martyrdom in North Waziristan in 2019 during war against terrorism.

He also visited home of Shaheed Major Adeel Rasheed who laid his life while accomplishing task of installing fence on Pak-Afghan border.

Later Leader of the opposition also paid a visit to family of Shaheed police constable Aamir Khan who embraced martyrdom while fighting with terrorists who attacked Chinese consulate in Karachi.

Haleem Adil presented national flag and bouquet to parents of the Shaheed Major Moeez Baig and Shaheed Major Adeel shahid and PC Aamir Khan, paid them tribute and said “Martyrs of Pakistan’s armed forces are pride of the nation and entire Pakistani nation respect and love their real heroes”.

Speaking to media at the occasion, Haleem Adil Sheikh said that armed forces are guardians of our geographical and ideological boundaries and they never hesitate from laying of their lives for defence of the homeland.

Haleem Adil Sheikh while referring to unwavering commitment and formidable spirit of parents of the martyrs said that Indian PM Narendra Modi, Indian armed forces and their media should observe concrete resolve of families of martyrs and realize that they could not defeat such an ambitious nation.

PTI Sindh leadership, legislators, members and workers have arranged special events throughout the province to mark the day when Pakistan’s Armed Forces shattered enemy’s nefarious designs.

They paid visits to graves of the Martyrs and to their families, for paying homage to Martyrs of Pakistan, who set unparalleled examples of valor and gallantry in 1965 war.

“Pakistan’s valiant Armed forces are alert and all set to deter all the challenges against sovereignty and solidarity of the nation.”

Haleem Adil Sheikh said adding that people speaking against armed forces must keep in mind examples of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan those were clear evidence of the fact that a country could not preserve its sovereignty if its armed forces are weak.

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