Haleem alleges opposition of conspiring against homeland



Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, Haleem Adil Sheikh, on Monday alleged that opposition parties wanted to see Pakistan destabilized and they were conspiring against the country by becoming agents of foreign powers.

He in a statement issued here said that Pakistan is on the path of progress and prosperity and is in safe and secure hands those will determinedly face every conspiracy against the homeland.  He accused opposition parties of plundering the country in the past and said that now they all had come together for getting NRO while Nawaz Sharif, who fled the country under the pretext of illness and sitting in London, was hatching conspiracies against the country.

The March 27th Amr bil Maroof public gathering proved the biggest political mass gathering in the history of Pakistan and it has proved that the entire nation is standing shoulder by shoulder to Prime Minister Imran Khan, he said adding that phenomenal success of the Amr bil Maroof jalsa had rendered opposition members sleepless.

Haleem Adil said that opposition parties which were making hue and cry over adjournment of National Assembly session by speaker Asad Qaiser must see the double standards of Sindh Assembly that was being used as personal manor and sessions were convened at will of the majority party.

He noted that the Sindh Assembly was scheduled to meet on March 16, 2022 but deputy speaker while issuing a letter from home adjourned the session to March 24 although in principal the session could be adjourned after convening the session. For the second time the assembly session was adjourned again in the same manner to April 6 without sitting of the assembly, he added.

“The PPP is also among the gang of three thieves who made a fuss over Asad Qaiser’s decision while PPP considered everything taking place in the Sindh Assembly legitimate,” he said and argued “If all this is being done legally then why the decision of Asad Qaiser was objected to?” He said that the Speaker National Assembly could have adjourned the session sitting at home but he did not do so and convened the assembly session.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said that PPP has established dictatorship in the Sindh Assembly as PPP had representation in the standing committees of the National Assembly while the opposition parties in the Sindh Assembly had been denied membership in any of the standing committees in the province. These double standard cannot be hidden from the people of Pakistan anymore and upcoming general election would decide who the people of Pakistan elect.


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