Haier Brings Amazing Washing at an Amazing Price


Haier laundry appliances have been making lives easier and smarter of millions of people around the world. Being the no.1 market leader of home appliances, Haier never compromised on the quality and technology of its products.

This time around, Haier Has launched 2 new amazing washing machine models HWM 90-1708 & HWM 150-1678 E, and is also offering spectacular introductory discounts of up to 14% off. Haier washing machine HWM 150-1678 E comes with superb technology and advanced features of 3D Wash; the 3D rolling water flow keeps the clothes wrinkle free, Rear Panel; Its rear panel allows you to operate easily with just one touch, Pillow Drum; With its innovative pillow drum technology, your clothes stay free from wear and tear and it gently takes care of your clothes and the fabric And Auto Restart; The Auto Restart feature in this new washing machine allows the program to restart all by itself in case of power failure. It resumes from the point where it stops in case of any power issue.

Haier Washing Machine model HWM 90-1708, which comes equipped with three fine features for a perfectly convenient, hassle-free and smart laundry experience. Quick Wash; With its Quick Wash feature, you can save ample time of laundry and as it washes clothes quickly and save you plenty of time, Pillow Drum; Its advanced and unique Pillow Drum Technology ensures that your clothes are fully cleaned without being rubbed hard or harmed by the washing drum and Auto Restart; It also works efficiently even after any power outage or power failure and resumes washing once the power is restored.

Haier washing machines come with 10 years of warranty and are created to deliver professional-level laundry results in the comfort of your own home. So, what are you waiting for? Avail this limited-time offer and enjoy Haier’s introductory promo discount and bring home the finest washing machines for a seamless laundry experience every day!

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