Hafiz Naeem demands forensic audit of Karachi power utility


Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi chief Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman while calling the K-Electric blue-eyed entity for every political party, has demanded forensic audit of the city’s power utility.

“Everything will come to surface with it,” he said. “The ministers of each government oppose suspension of the licence of the K-electric,” he lamented. “The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) also decides in favour of the KE,” he added.

“The K-electric has become a mafia, the MQM had sold the company during Musharraf’s rule, its forensic audit could expose those getting funds from it,” he said. The authorities should describe the terms of sale, he said and added that 26 percent of its shares owned by the federal government.

JI leader claimed that a company, owned by the Abraj Group-the parent entity of KE, was importing oil on paper during Nawaz Sharif’s government, but it won’t reach in the country. “They have continued power load shedding to torment the people”, he said. “During Imran Khan’s government K-electric got benefit at every step”, Hafiz Naeem claimed. The company was a defaulter of the Sui Southern Gas company still they were provided gas, he said.

“The white collar criminals are sitting on top offices, no one questioning them,” he lamented. Talking on the woes of Karachi JI leader said that the city requires its Mayor and Town Nazim and stressed that the date of the local government elections should not be extended. Hafiz Naeem, himself a candidate of Karachi’s Mayoral office, demanded of the election commission to change the colour of the ballot papers and reprint it to avoid rigging in the election.

He said the city is facing a water crisis, adding that Karachi’s storm water drains are filled with the sewerage water. “The parties politicking in Karachi’s name are doing nothing for the city,” he said.

“Balochistan has drowned and bodies of children being found from water but in the tug of war for power, no one is caring about the people,” Hafiz Naeem said. He demanded of a strategy to address the woes of Balochistan.

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