Hadiqa vows to rebuild three flood-hit Balochistan villages



Torrential downpours and subsequent devastating flash floods in Balochistan have inflicted huge damage on the infrastructure. Many celebrities have done their share and urged many others to come forward and help the affectees in their time of need. One of them has vowed to move mountains while extending support to the affected people in ruined areas.

Hadiqa Kiani has been knee-deep in the relief work process of the devasted areas. The ‘Dupatta’ singer recently visited Balochistan and has taken it upon herself to rebuild three villages in the province.

Taking to Twitter, the Boohe Bariyan crooner shared a video from her recent visit and wrote, “My most recent trip to Balochistan allowed me to meet the brave people who have lost almost everything.” She went on to add, “I have now taken it as my responsibility to rebuild the villages of Rabbi, Chattar and now Tamboo. Inshallah, we will rebuild stronger than before with the guidance of Allah SWT.”

In a separate tweet, Kiani shared that this is just the beginning. “I am planning to visit remote regions of Punjab and Sindh in the next few weeks and will be adopting remote villages in these regions as well. I urge all Pakistanis who are able, to adopt a village and to help our brethren,” she tweeted.

Kiani has been advocating for helping women during this time of need. “We must ensure basic needs of women are not forgotten when we are sending support.”

On Instagram, the singer shared several posts on how she has been sending basic necessities to flood-hit areas. Her social media has now been full of posts about the same. She also shared details about her latest campaign to help the affectees, adding how she has been working with her team.

“Mission of my campaign Vaseela-e-Raah is to immediately provide camps to the flood victims who are shelterless at the moment. This journey will take some time but we as Nation will do this together inshAllah,” she shared in a post on Instagram.

In another post, Kiani shared a carousel of pictures and wrote, “I request the people of Pakistan to step forward and help our Balochi people who are shelterless and going through the most painful time of their lives. Together we can face it and help in these catastrophic times.”


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