HABIBMETRO celebrates Women’s Day to ‘Embrace Women, Embrace Equity’


HABIBMETRO BANK, held a grand event in celebration of International Women’s Day on March 13, 2023, at Area 51, Karachi. The event, which was themed “Embrace Women, Embrace Equity,” aimed to empower and showcase the talent and potential of women in all aspects of life.

In a true celebration of women’s skills and abilities, the event was completely led by women – from photography to music and entertainment programs. The event was a remarkable reflection of the immense talent and leadership qualities of women and truly shone a spotlight on their capabilities.

One of the highlights of the event was the musical performance by the “Bhit Shah” girls, which captivated the audience and left a lasting impression. The stand-up comedy by “The Khawatoons” created an ambiance of humor and frankness which the attendees enjoyed.

This event was a true testament to the power of women in various fields and demonstrated that women can lead, inspire, and entertain with unparalleled enthusiasm.

It also provided an opportunity for home-based female entrepreneurs to showcase their skills and promote their businesses whilst supporting various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) such as Thar Education Alliance, Rana Liaquat Crafts Colony, FESF Deaf Reach, and Hunar Foundation to achieve their humanitarian welfare goals.